Hearing Updates: 

Martinez V. The COGCC 

UPDATE: Date set by the Colorado Supreme Court to hear oral arguments in the COGCC v. Martinez case

Oral arguments will be heard by the Colorado Supreme Court on October 16, 2018 at 1:30 PM with all Justices present. View more details on the Colorado Supreme Court website:

Official Schedule

Listen Here on 10/16

CAMRO has been thoroughly following this court case on behalf of our members. We have testified against Representative Joe Salazar's bill, HB18-1071, that would have codified the decision of the court regardless of the fact that the case is incomplete. Now, we have officially filed an amicus curiae brief so the courts further analyze what the desired changes sought out in the court case would do to our members. View the brief here: Colorado Alliance of Mineral and Royalty Owners Amicus Curiae Brief 4-2-2018.pdf

"I am pleased to let you know that the Colorado Supreme Court has recognized CAMRO as an amicus party in the Martinez matter, and that the CAMRO brief – along with several others in support of the Commission - was accepted as filed.  It will be a number of months before things go forward as the Respondents now will have the opportunity to file a response, and then oral argument will be set.  Only after that occurs will an opinion be rendered.  It still could be a year or more before a final ruling, although for now CAMRO’s work, on this case at least, is done as amicus typically do not file response briefs (only by leave of the Court).   That said, this is the first time CAMRO has weighed in on a Supreme Court case, and I have appreciated the opportunity to work with you all to make this happen." For additional information, click here.

View the Order of Court letter accepting the brief here: ORDER OF COURT Accepting CAMRO Amicus Brief 4-11-2018.pdf

October 19, 2017 Colorado Air Quality Control Commission

The Colorado Alliance of Mineral and Royalty Owners is a non profit all volunteer organization which represents and advocates for the interests of the state of Colorado’s oil and gas mineral and royalty interest owners. CAMRO’s membership is paid on over half of the states 54,000 oil and gas wells. 

CAMRO’s members well recognize that each statute rule and regulation passed by the state’s legislature and the various agencies and commissions that have authority regarding the oil and gas industry ultimately affects the valuation of the property they own. This why each action taken to regulate must be necessary and scientifically sound. Unnecessary regulation devalues the asset and undermines the state interest. It has been CAMRO’s member’s experience that industry has always answered the duty to be careful with the mineral asset that we entrust to their care. After all it is the industry’s interest and the mineral - royalty owner interest to make sure that all of the product be efficiently developed without waste, and brought to market at the highest possible volume and price. 

Air Qual Cont. Comm letter.pdf

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