PRESS RELEASE 7/11/18: Colorado Schools Face Extreme Financial Hardship if Initiative 97 Curtails Mineral Development

Denver, Colorado – Under a recent Colorado Open Records Act request, the Colorado Alliance of Mineral and Royalty Owners, or CAMRO, found that, since 1980, the Colorado Land Board’s education funds received over $560 million in revenue from oil and gas leases in Colorado’s Wattenberg Field. In the last two years alone, these assets generated $166 million in revenue and interest, which funded K-12 public schools as well as Colorado’s higher education institutions. Although legacy drilling can continue under Initiative 97, the State Land Board wouldn’t reap any of the benefits of future innovations in oil and gas production because no new drilling would be permitted.

“It’s not just mineral owners who have a lot at stake if something like Initiative 97, which would enact 2,500-foot setbacks and eliminate oil and gas development on 85 percent of non-federal land, passes. All of Colorado should be deeply concerned about the impact the initiative would have on our communities and future workforce,” said Neil Ray, president of CAMRO. “Colorado’s schools would face extreme financial hardship. Our schools already have experienced budget cuts. Can they withstand additional hits financially? Our students deserve better.”


Wattenberg Field Mineral Maps

Hearing Updates: 

Air Qual Cont. Comm letter.pdf

Martinez V. The COGCC 

CAMRO has been thoroughly following this court case on behalf of our members. We have testified against Representative Joe Salazar's bill, HB18-1071, that would have codified the decision of the court regardless of the fact that the case is incomplete. Now, we have officially filed an amicus curiae brief so the courts further analyze what the desired changes sought out in the court case would do to our members. View the brief here: Colorado Alliance of Mineral and Royalty Owners Amicus Curiae Brief 4-2-2018.pdf

"I am pleased to let you know that the Colorado Supreme Court has recognized CAMRO as an amicus party in the Martinez matter, and that the CAMRO brief – along with several others in support of the Commission - was accepted as filed.  It will be a number of months before things go forward as the Respondents now will have the opportunity to file a response, and then oral argument will be set.  Only after that occurs will an opinion be rendered.  It still could be a year or more before a final ruling, although for now CAMRO’s work, on this case at least, is done as amicus typically do not file response briefs (only by leave of the Court).   That said, this is the first time CAMRO has weighed in on a Supreme Court case, and I have appreciated the opportunity to work with you all to make this happen." For additional information, click here.

View the Order of Court letter accepting the brief here: ORDER OF COURT Accepting CAMRO Amicus Brief 4-11-2018.pdf

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